Jennifer van Alstyne is the former Poetry Editor of Bombay Gin. She was Book Reviews Editor and then Associate Editor of the poetics journal, Something On Paper.

Jennifer is on a break from publishing poetry as she builds her company. She’s still writing in San Diego.


“Taken,” Qwerty

“Pelt,” Qwerty

“Winter Weight,” Qwerty

“Troisgros,” {isacoustic*}

“Rhythm,” {isacoustic*}

“Telegram,” {isacoustic*}


“Familiar,” The Maynard

“Pianissimo,” The Maynard

“Punchao,” Mad River Review

“Altars of Nonesuch,” Qu

“Altars of Nonesuch” was selected for Glass: A Journal of Poetry 2017 Reading List

“Sitting on an Antique Sofa in Weston, Massachusetts on a Summer’s Evening,” The Citron Review

“Sitting in the Japanese Maple at 32 Hickory Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts,” ELKE

“The Idea of North,” Sweet Tree Review


Pelt was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Paper Nautilus Vella Chapbook Prize and for the 2016 Chapbook Contest of The Comstock Writers Group

“This Is A Love Poem,” Stonecoast Review

“Restitution & Revision,” COG

“Fifty50,” COG

“Process (3),” COG


“20,781 Days,” Paper Nautilus


“The Ear,” was featured in Crack the Spine and the Crack the Spine Fall 2014 Anthology.

Jennifer van Alstyne was selected as winner of The Glenn Gould Foundation’s Aria of the Goldberg Variations Contest celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variations along with poems, “Maestoso” and “Theme.”

“R,” 30/30 Poetic Vision Project at the Jack Kerouac School

“Muscle Memory,” Eunoia Review

“Territory,” Eunoia Review

“Veil,” Eunoia Review

“Witching Hour,” Eunoia Review


“This Is Not A Love Poem,” Paper Nautilus

“Manipulation,” The Foundling Review


Wild Seed,” Eunoia Review

“Laundry,” Eunoia Review

“City Smog,” Eunoia Review

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