Jennifer van Alstyne is available for speaking engagements and webinars.

Take her online courses on social media and personal academic websites for faculty and researchers.

Jennifer van Alstyne taught composition and literature in the English Department at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, a public regional research university. She completed coursework from the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) with a concentration in online course design.

Courses Taught

  • Intro to Academic Writing
  • British Literature Survey I, online

Teaching Statement

“…one had to classify oneself as a scholar of a certain historical period in England or America…Yet I had seen that many of my teachers, though officially scholars of a given period, were internally something else. These were poetry people.”

– Helen Vendler

The Ocean, The Book, and the Scholar: Essays on Poets and Poetry (2015)

I am prepared to teach courses in

  • creative writing
  • professional writing
  • social media
  • British literature
  • Modern/Contemporary American poetry

My primary area of interest is landscape and representations of nature in poetry.

My online teacher training is through the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). My focus was course design. I assisted on the online course redesign for British Literature I at University of Louisiana.

I am dedicated to bringing the insights and intersection of creative and critical attention to language to the undergraduate classroom, both through student writing, and through both synchronous and asynchronous discussion on a variety of texts and genres.

As a poet, I stress creative writing as an access point for learning how to construct academic papers when teaching English Composition. Skills for academic writing like selection of detail, concise and specific language, and scaffolding for a reader can be practiced through creative writing as a point of access to cultural conversation. Academic writing can benefit from attention to these skills at all levels.

Additional Resources

View my Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Sample Syllabus: Composition I

Sample Assignment

Sample Syllabus: British Literature I