Speaking Engagments

I am looking to present at conferences and universities about the social media and web presence of academics, researchers, and writers for the 2018-2019 academic year. Learn more about my work at The Academic Designer LLC. Contact me today.

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Instagram for Researchers: Outreach

Panelist for Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology’s (ARVO) Science Communication Training Fellowship program

October 8, 2018


The Landscape of The Wife’s Lament

MLA panel #154, New York City, January

[Unable to attend due to weather]


Long Branch, U.S.A: Robert Pinsky’s Extended Metaphor for Tenuous Social Capital in America

ALA Symposium on Regionalism and Place, New Orleans, September

Political Wives and Wives as Politic: The Gender Roles of Alicia Florrick and Chaucer’s Alisoun of Bath

PCA/ACA National Conference, San Diego, April

[Michael Schoenecke Travel Grant]

Female Poets and Southern Identity: On the Place Poetics of Natasha Trethewey, Ellen Bryant Voigt, and C.D. Wright

Deep South and the Global South Conference, Lafayette, LA, April


‘The Good Wife’ Then and Now: Feminism and Gender Roles on the Medieval Page and Television Screen

Literature/Film Association Conference, Glassboro, NJ, October

[Lit/Film Association Travel Grant]


Aesthetics and Reality: Glenn Gould’s Scansioned Music

NRHC Conference, Philadelphia, April